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Chem/Rad Sample Results

Water System No. : MS0250008 Federal Type : C
Water System Name : CITY OF JACKSON State Type : C
Principal County Served : HINDS Primary Source : SW
Status : A Activity Date : 01-01-1901
Lab Sample No. : 021122-001VO Collection Date : 11-21-2002
This list displays sample/results of all non-microbial analytes (TSAANLYT.TYPE_CODE <> MOR) associated to the selected sample. Results for Microbial Analytes are not included.

Analyte Code Analyte Name Method Code Less than Indicator Level Type Reporting Level Concentration level Monitoring Period Begin Date Monitoring Period End Date
2378 1,2,4-TRICHLOROBENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2380 CIS-1,2-DICHLOROETHYLENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2955 XYLENES, TOTAL null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2964 DICHLOROMETHANE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2968 O-DICHLOROBENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2969 P-DICHLOROBENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2976 VINYL CHLORIDE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2977 1,1-DICHLOROETHYLENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2979 TRANS-1,2-DICHLOROETHYLENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2980 1,2-DICHLOROETHANE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2981 1,1,1-TRICHLOROETHANE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2982 CARBON TETRACHLORIDE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2983 1,2-DICHLOROPROPANE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2984 TRICHLOROETHYLENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2985 1,1,2-TRICHLOROETHANE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2987 TETRACHLOROETHYLENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2989 CHLOROBENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2990 BENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2991 TOLUENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2992 ETHYLBENZENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null
2996 STYRENE null Y MDL .0005 MG/L  null



Total Number of Records Fetched = 21