Name:  CAPTAIN D'S                            Status:  Open  
Street:  800 HWY 72 E         City:  CORINTH       State:  MS      Zip: 38834 
Permit Date: 04/08/2021                                                   Expire Date: 04/08/2022    
Inspection(s) Details
Pass Ref. #   259878 
Inspection Type Complaint 
Inspection Result  Pass 
Date  02/01/2007 
Certified Manager  Yes 
Consumer Advisory Posted  N/A 
Permit Posted  Yes 

Food Sources 

All Food is from Regulated Processing Plants No Home Canned Foods   
Commercial Ready to Eat Potentially Hazardous Food is Dated   
Onsite Ready to Eat Protentially Hazardous Food kept over 24 hours is Dated   
Food is protected from contamination during shipping and receiving  Pass 
Food received at proper temperatures   
Records maintained in accord with HACCP Plan   
All Shellfish from NSSP listed Sources, no recreationally caught shellfish   
Shell stock tags retained for 90 days after container is emptied   
Written Documentation for parasite destruction for fish products   
Game, wild mushrooms harvested with Regulatory Approval   


Food is protected from contamination  Pass 
Raw animal food is separated from raw and prepared RTE food  Pass 
Raw animal food separated from other food during storage, preparation and display  Pass 
Food contact surfaces are clean and sanitized before use  Pass 
Food is not re-served after being served or sold  Pass 
Food is safe and unadulterated  Pass 
Only approved additives or colors are used   
Sulphites are not applied to fresh fruits or vegetables   
Chemical, pesticides, medicines are properly stored and labeled   
No evidence of rodents or insects   


Employees do not contact RTE food with bare hands  Pass 
No utensilis used more than once for tasting or contaminates food   
Employees eat, drink and smoke in a designated area  Pass 
Employees with infections and reportable diseases are restricted or excluded   
Hands are clean and properly washed when required  Pass 
Handwash facilities and supplies are convenient and accessible  Pass 
Animals are not touched by food handlers   
Water and sewage and plumbing systems are functioning properly   
Data Disclaimer
Data in this system come from two very different systems
Some inspections in the old system may be missing prior to July 2002
Day Care Centers & Youth Camps Inspections prior to June 2005
If in doubt about any facility, call the responsible health department
Data are for informational purposes, not enforcement