Name:  WALMART BAKERY #1074                            Status:  Open  
Street:  1655 SUNSET DR         City:  GRENADA       State:  MS      Zip: 38901 
Permit Date: 09/18/2023                                                   Expire Date: 09/18/2024    
  Inspection Details 
counter Type  Complaint
Inspection Number  592996
Score C
Environmentalist Name PAGE BENITA 
Inspection Date 02/09/2024

 COS = Corrected On Site      R=Repeat


 Compliance Status

Person In Charge Present Demonstrates Knowledge And  
Performs Duty
In Compliance
Certified Manager In Compliance

 Employee Health

Management Awareness Policy Present In Compliance
Proper Use Of Report Restriction Exclusion In Compliance

 Good Hygienic Practices

Proper Eating Tasting Drinking Or Tobacco Use In Compliance
No Discharge From Eyes Nose And Mouth In Compliance

 Preventing Contamination by Hands

Hands Clean And Properly Washed In Compliance
No Bare Hand Contact With Ready To Eat Foods In Compliance
Adequate Hand Washing Facilities Supplied Accessible In Compliance

 Approved Source

Food Obtained Approved From Approved Source In Compliance
Food Received At Proper Temperature Not Observed
Food In Good Condition Safe And Unadulterated In Compliance
Required Records Available Shell stock Tags
Parasite Destruction
Not Applicable

 Protection from Contamination

Food Separated And Protected In Compliance
Food Contact Surface Cleaned Sanitized In Compliance
Proper Disposition Of Returned Previously Served
 Reconditioned And Unsafe Food
In Compliance

 Potentially Hazardous Food (TCS food)

Proper Cooking Time And Temperatures Not Observed
Proper Reheating Procedure For Hot Holding Not Observed
Proper Cooling Time And Temperatures Not Observed
Proper Hot Holding Temperatures In Compliance
Proper Cold Holding Temperatures In Compliance
Proper Date Marking And Disposition In Compliance
Time As Public Health Control Procedures Records Not Observed

 Consumer Advisory

Consumer Advisory Provided For Raw Or
 Undercooked Foods
Not Applicable

 Highly Susceptible Populations

Pasteurized Foods Used Prohibited Foods Not Offered Not Applicable


Food Additives Approved And Properly Used Not Applicable
Toxic Substance Properly Identified Stored Used In Compliance

 Conformance with Approved Procedures

Compliance With Variance Specialized Process
And Haccp Plan
Not Applicable
Risk Control Plan As Required Not Applicable

 Good Retail Practices

Water And Ice Approved From Approved Source In Compliance
Insects Rodents And Animals Not Present In Compliance
Hot And Cold Water Available Adequate Pressure Not In Compliance
Plumbing Installed Proper Backflow Devices In Compliance
Sewage Waste Water Properly Disposed In Compliance
Toilet Facilities Properly Constructed Supplied Cleaned In Compliance
Permit Last Inspection Posted In Compliance

Violations Count = Number of Corrections / Repeats 


Data Disclaimer
Data in this system come from two very different systems
Some inspections in the old system may be missing prior to July 2002
Day Care Centers & Youth Camps Inspections prior to June 2005
If in doubt about any facility, call the responsible health department
Data are for informational purposes, not enforcement