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Date Of Complaint  02/18/2020 
Complaint  Despite numerous phone and email attempts, Donald has failed to confirm specific details regarding septic tank work performed on my property on 5/23/2019. Donald claimed the existing septic tank was leaking and needed to be replaced along with a new fill line. Donald claims the new septic tank and fill line were installed on 5/23/2019, however I was told the county has no record of the installation. Donald's office did confirm they were required to file/report paperwork regarding the installation to the health department. It's my understanding that an inspection of the work is also required. I only have Donald's word via phone and text message and a vague receipt that a new septic tank was installed on my property. I don't have any details regarding the location of the tank and fill line due to Donald's failure to respond to my repeated requests. Donald was paid $2000 to complete the installation. I have no concrete information regarding the actual work performed on my property by Donald (aka Don) Parker. 
Date Of Resolution  03/02/2020 
Investigation History  Spoke with homeowner and Donald Parker. Donald utilized the existing gravel bed as part of the field line repair. Donald submitted a repair affidavit. It is entered under 1160 twin creek rd in George co.  

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