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Date Of Complaint  10/01/2020 
Complaint  D&M put new septic field lines in on May 2018, after getting home that evening noticed the poor job he had done and sent him pictures and text messages regarding issues with job but never heard back from him so I just put the issue off.
But now, a few weeks ago I noticed a strong sewer smell and seen septic water coming up through the ground and after digging up the field lines myself last week, I noticed that Mr. Parker never put any kind of gravel under or on top of the lines and now they are all clogged with mud and everything else. Called Mr. Parker Monday 09/28/20 and he said he could come by Wednesday 09/30/20 to inspect the lines since he had another job to do down the road from my house. Yesterday morning I texted him to confirm him coming by and asked around what time. I seen he had read my text message that morning but he never replied back. So all day yesterday Mr. Parker failed to call or come by. My husband called him yesterday evening after he had got off of work and Mr. Parker pretended he didn't know who I was and ended up hanging up on my husband. Again, I sent Mr. Parker a text message that evening which showed he had read my text message but still he did not reply or call back. Now I am having to call someone else to come fix the problem he created. 
Date Of Resolution  10/09/2020 
Investigation History  A repair over 2 years old is out of MSDH jurisdiction  

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