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Date Of Complaint  06/26/2007 
Complaint  The County Building Inspector complained that wastewater was flowing out of the cleanout plug and leaving the property discharging into a nearby ditch. 
Date Of Resolution  07/13/2007 
Investigation History  I visited the property (402 Elm Street in Belzoni) and found that wastewater was being discharged into nearby ditches from the cleanout plug on a Central Sewer System. I explained what it would take to repair the problem. The owner stated that it should be a simply fix therefore I will have it repaired over the weekend. I explained to the owner that I will do a followup inspection on June 28, 2007. I returned on June 28, and the renter stated that he has just gotten out of jail and was not going to repair the sewer line. I contacted the owner of the property (son) and he said that he would give the information to his mom. After not hearing from the owner, I sent a letter to the owner and filed an affidavit at the local Justice Court Judge. The owner never showed up for court therefore the Judge ask if I could come back after he contacted the owner. The Judge contacted me soon after and asked for me to check on the leak again and it had been repaired. The judge dropped all charges against the owner. 

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