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Date Of Complaint  01/05/2019 
Complaint  Kindly keep this new complaint anonymous for my safety. Another homeowner - himself besieged with chronic septic overflowing issues due to his own faulty tank that he installed - Billy Clark - 134 Katie Eubanks Road - has been stoking these new neighbors - telling them that they have been unable to open a trailer park on Tut Road because of my interference. Update on 164 Tut Road: it appears that the new owners have learned how to evade the State of Mississippi Commercial Wastewater regulations. Rather than moving trailers onto the back part of their three-acre parcel (which was the former FEMA park), they are moving and opening trailers on the front part, which already has electric and water access. They are then connecting these front trailers to the improper FEMA septic tanks, which are at ground surface, with no field lines. As of 1-1-19, the two trailers physically located at 164 Tut Road are being occupied by multi-families with about 5-6 vehicles in total. There is electricity now being utilized at both trailers presently. Moreover, and part of this is just theorizing, the original tenants have begun to take care of somewhere between 8 and 15 small children daily as in a pseudo day care facility. This is known because the children are taken out on walks frequently single file throughout the neighborhood accompanied by about 3-4 adults. It is unknown whether the children are being bused in or if they are staying in the now reopened construction trailer #1, adjacent to new trailer #2. My express concerns are as follows: 1) the new owners are still determined to open up a commercial trailer park there, no matter what; 2) they appear to be using former FEMA park septic tanks, with no field lines; and any overflow will eventually move into the stormwater ditches and onto my property, which handles overflow; 3) the very neighbor, Clark, who himself installed a faulty system at his residence causing overflow onto his property and into his trailer home about 12/17, is "whipping up" the owners at 164 Tut Road into anger at me because they have been unable to open up their planned new trailer park there, with the resulting anticipated big income. There has not, however, been any confrontation with me; and the family remains cordial. Thank you, Kim  
Date Of Resolution  02/28/2019 
Investigation History  Stephanie and I have visited this site multiple times. There is no sewer discharge from the two existing mobile homes. The third home recently did an application with us for their wastewater permit. We again walked the entire property and did not find any malfunctions with the original two homes. There is plenty of room for a new system for this new double wide and a recommendation has been issued for that home. We talked with the two families at the property. They are related (brothers) and are not renting these homes for public use. Therefore, according to our definition of a Manufactured Home Development, this would not be considered a commercial site. 

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