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Date Of Complaint  01/10/2019 
Complaint  My house is infected with Mold, I?m taking such a lost on my bedroom furniture and clothes as well, my house has a stinky mildew smell and my master bedroom is water damage all over and is very contaminated with Mold, I have water bubbles under my bedroom rug, my bathroom is in such bad forms, I really need someone help, I been too long to keep living this way, I have headaches, chest pain, and nose congestion, I don?t know what more I can do to get my landlord to fix my home the way it?s supposed to be fixed, I faithfully pays $350 in cash for rent every month and it?s has come to the point where I?m tired and sick of living this way, I asked my landlord over and over to come fix several of things, and he hasn?t come to fix nothing, but they want Their $350 for rent! I?m living in Mold and it?s infecting me!! All I do is sleep when I?m home, because my head starts to hurt bad. 
Date Of Resolution  01/11/2019 
Investigation History  Spoke to Ms Hubbard and explained that we hav no authority to regulate mold or issues inside a home  

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