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Date Of Complaint  04/27/2009 
Complaint  Mr Larry Carter installed a atu with a overland dispersal method on the home of Mrs Lawanda Noel when the only option noted on the 335 was a subsurface drip system. The 335 was dated 3/24/2009 and was signed by Aaron Walters.  
Date Of Resolution  05/27/2009 
Investigation History  During the period of 4/27/2009 and 5/4/2009, Mr Carter delivered a affidavit to the Yazoo health dept which shows a system he installed at the property of Lawanda Noel. After viewing the affidavit and checking the 335, Mr Aaron realized that Mr Carter had installed a system not recommended for the site. Mr Aaron traveled to the property a few days later and found a overland discharge system with the end of the 4 inch pipe about 30 to 40 feet from the roadside ditch. A enforcement letter was sent to Mr Carter a few days later by Mr Aaron Walters. On 5/11/2009, Mr Carter submitted a request letter for a hearing at the Central office. The hearing was held on 5/20/2009 with Mr Kevin Pearson as the hearing officer for the preceding. During the hearing, Mr Carter stated that he made a mistake and he would do everything in his power to correct the problem for the homeowner. On 5/27/2009, a fine of $250 was issued to Mr Carter by the hearing officer.

7/28/09 Aaron Walters met with Larry Carter on site for inspection. Informed him that due to rain he couldn't put system in. Carter said he would reschedule.

8/11/09 Carter started installation of plant rock filter designed by Kevin Traylor

8/12/09 Cater finished installation.

8/14/09 recieved installers affidavit and fees from Larry Carter. Will have homeowner sign the continuing maintenance agreement. 

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