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Date Of Complaint  12/13/2023 
Complaint  Landowner across the road from my address is putting in a trailer park and is not hiring licensed installers. He is installing himself, I have pictures and videos. Also the power company is giving him power before a septic is even installed. There are many mad neighbors and this will make the news if something isn?t done.  
Date Of Resolution  12/20/2023 
Investigation History  Visited complaint site. There is only one mobile home on the property, which does not constitute a mobile home park. A 2 acre exemption was filed for this mobile home, which exempts the property owner from using a certified installer, or obtaining final approval. It appears that a septic system has been installed for this site.

MSDH does not regulate utility connections from power companies.

However, there are two tiny homes on the property. A 2 acre exemption was filed for this as well.

Any additional mobile homes for rental use will constitute a commercial development.

The property owner was contacted by phone about the potential development of the property. He understands that any additional homes or systems will require additional applications through the MSDH commercial side, and using certified installers. 

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