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Date Of Complaint  08/09/2004 
Complaint  "Mr. Earl (earl's septic) installed my septic system in july of 2004. He stated that it was too wet to carry water line out 300 ft. States he will return and carry line out when weather permits. He has not returned and he will not return my call. This person has been paid in full." 
Date Of Resolution  09/14/2004 
Investigation History  Spoke to Ms. Travis via phone. Will investigate Wed. 08-11-04 when Mr. Herring can accompany me. Pulled file and this system was never inspected for final, nor do we have an affidavit from Mr. Kidd.The overland option was indicated in s/s by Mr. Griffie in January 2004.

System discharge point was on property and installer had redressed lot a little to make water move off and not standing everywhere, homeowner wanted to discharge off property, but explained the design was to be maintained on their lot, only a reinspection after occuppied a while will determine if discharge can be maintained on property, homeowner will call back if problem develops.09/14/2004 

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