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Date Of Complaint  01/10/2007 
Complaint  Mr. Brooks called in and said he might want to file a complaint against his installer. He is having problems with his spray system and couldn't them to get the problem corrected and now they wouldn't come back out. His spray was coming on and running almost continously when it rained. He thinks the spray tank is taking in ground water. He finally told me his installer was TES/AquaKlear.  
Date Of Resolution  01/09/2007 
Investigation History  1/9 2007 - I told Mr. Brooks we would come out and investigate, then , based on our assessment, give TES a call. While we were on the phone, Jesse, of TES, called him ans said he would be out at 1:30. I arrived at site at 2:00. TES found that the seal around the outlet form the ATU had been broken, and was allowing ground water into the chlorine chamber, which then passed through the 4 inch into the spray tank, causing the level to rise and start the pump. The spray tank (fiberglass) had been replaced twice due to coming up during rains. Jesse told me they had been defective tanks with the two layers not being sealed. Obviouosly during the installation, the seal on the 4 inch had been broken and not observed. This was repaired in my preesence and I witnessed no further seepageinto the tank. 

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