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Date Of Complaint  07/14/2009 
Complaint  sewer has ben over running for over a year without any work being done on the tank ore fild lines. they have had it pumped out 2 times but it still runs out on to the ground sokeing the yard between there home and the yard next to them.putting off a strong oder on hot days. 
Date Of Resolution  08/10/2009 
Investigation History  (complaint entered online)

07/15/2009 - According to Rankin Co. Landroll, property owners are Billy & Sally Griffin. Sent 10 day letter ( cert only) requesting a meeting for an inspection.

7/20/2009 - Mr. Griffin called in response to receipt of the certified letter. We agreed to meet Thursday, 7/23, @ 2:00 for the inspection.

7/23/2009 - Met with Mr. Griffin onsite. Observed the septic was overflowing, with untreated wastewater running across the yard and crossing the property line to the left of the residence. I infromed Mr. Griffin that this was a violation of state wastewater law and that he would be receiving an Official Notice stating the violation would have to be corrected. We discussed repair options and his rights.

7/24/2009 - Received a call from Mr. Griffin in which he stated he was going to have the tank and field line replaced. I again cautioned him that it was his legal right to take this action to get himself out of violation, but that it probably was not a permanent solution.

7/27/2009 - Sent Official Notice (reg & cert)

8/10/2009 - Repair inspected. No WW on surface 

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