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Date Of Complaint  02/10/2009 
Complaint  Problem with motor the filter is stoppig up this system has been repaired three times in less than a year. It is a poor disgned. It has not been to code. 
Date Of Resolution  02/20/2009 
Investigation History  Complaint received on February 11, 2009. Site visit to address on same day. System on property is a H-Two-O Series 2 Residential Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Unit. (750 gal/day). On the day I inspected the unit, it was functioning properly. The spray pump had been replaced by the installer the day before. I told Mr. Hensley that in my opion the system was installed correctly and was up to our codes. I explained that the reason I thought the system had not been functioning properly was because of the use of a garbage disposal. The H-Two-O 750 was not installed with a pre-treatment tank (trash tank). This system was approved to be installed without the trash tank by division of wastewater. I spoke with the installer James Bryant and to the Manufacturer. I mailed a letter to Mr. Hensley on 2/20/09. A copy of the letter is attached with this complaint file.  

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