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Date Of Complaint  04/27/2018 
Complaint  I live on a dead in road I have a waterwell that supplies water to my home in approximately 200 ft from my waterwell there are two oilfield gas storage tanks we bought our house six years ago all of a sudden four days ago our water that we bathe drink and cook with smells and taste like gas even my pets won?t drink it and one has become sick. The property the gas storage tanks and pumps are on is owned by a mr Sistrunk and the name of the oilfield company is venture oil and gas company phone number is 601-428-7225 please help us I don?t know what to do. I?m  
Date Of Resolution  05/01/2018 
Investigation History  PHE called and spoke with client above. stated that unfortunately MSDH does not have jurisdiction over subsurface gas tanks. referred her over to MDEQ and private lab for water well sample testing for volatiles and organics related to gas infiltrates.  

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