Fingerpro ID Software System

from AD&S, Inc.

FingerPro ID is a turnkey software system that allows for the electronic transmission of fingerprints to check state and national level criminal history records for the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH). These records are transmitted digitally to the State and subsequently to the FBI for criminal history background checks. Once your results are received back by the MSDH, you may login above with your user id and secure password provided by MSDH to view these results.

The fingerprints can be captured by live scan or scanned fingerprint cards where prints have been rolled in ink. There is no software user license fee to facilities that transmit to MSDH. If you are interested in submitting your prints electronically please contact AD&S at (601)992-4121 ext 206.

If you are a licensed healthcare or childcare provider, MSDH will provide you with your secure user id and login. This will enable you to print the appropriate letter with digital signatures giving clearance for those applicants receiving a “clear” status.

To determine whether you are required to submit fingerprints, please click Here. For additional information, click on the "FAQ" option underneath "Information" at the top of this page.

FingerPro ID is compliant with the requirements of the Department of Justice (FBI) and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.