Welcome to the On-Site Wastewater Online Application


Thank you for allowing The MSDH Division of On-Site Wastewater Program to serve you today. As part of the online application process, you will need the following for a residential request:

·         Address?

·         Known acreage?

·         Email address


To Start an application with us, mouse over ''I want to apply for...>'' option in the left margin.

Please see our FAQs And Answers for additional information about us and services we provide.

 ***A note about our payment system***

 At the end of the online application process you may wonder where is the “click here to pay icon”.  To provide superior customer service, our subject matter experts review
each application for accuracy prior to our customers receiving an invoice.  A service invoice will be electronically submitted to the email address provided during the online application process. 
If you do not receive a bill from support@msegov.com  within 3-5 business days,  please check your SPAM/Junk folder.  If you are still experiencing payment issues, please contact 601-576-7150.


If you need assistance during the online application process, please contact the Wastewater Call Center  at  1-855-220-0192.